Our Activities

Our activities focus on two things:
Busking Performances and Science Communication Training.

Playing to the Crowd

Our “Busking Performances” involve interactive experiments and demonstrations aimed at engaging the general public. Based on the traditional stall-type mode of busking (street entertainment), our performances can be tailored to suit almost any event. Whether it’s a large team or a few individuals, short snappy interactions or extended drop-by performances, we are open to finding a solution that will enhance the enjoyment, entertainment, even educational aspects of your event.

Learning the tunes

To join our team, we recommend that you come along to one of our free science communication workshops. In these 2-hour workshops, you will get a chance to meet some of our more experienced buskers and see them in action, as they show you some of their favourite science demonstrations. Then, it will be over to you! With props and support, you will get the chance to develop your individual style for demonstrating science.

Workshops are advertised during the year. Sign-up to receive notification of these. Places are open to science teachers, researchers and other science enthusiasts.

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Back Catalogue of Events

Much like any rocking team, the Physics Buskers hit the road for part of the year, usually from March – November and are then back in studio the rest of the year to work on new ideas and experiments for the next year. 2016 saw new hits such as “banana piano” which evolved into “carrot piano” alongside old reliables of rocket balloons and swinging water cups. Do, check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds to peruse back through some of these hits.

A full listing of our upcoming and passed events can be accessed here:

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