Plough plough, plough plough

Well are you going to the Ploughing?


It just seems to be the question on everyone lips. It is just “the” place to be this week.

Be prepared for the mud, be prepared for the crowds but hey, be prepared for plenty of fun down SFI way in tent 313, row13.

We are just delighted to be back to the Midlands doing abit of this and abit of that, using air pressure to lift up little people, or playing tunes on the bananas…all in the name of science.

We’re in good company too; Scientific Sue, Phil Smyth (Insiders Live), Smart Futures, SSPC, Lero, APC, Insight, Amber are among the wondering scientists and research centres that are on hand to chat and play science.

Check out our Facebook and twitter feeds for photos from the event or if you’re about tomorrow for the day that’s in it, why not call in? You could surprise yourself!

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